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Acosound self-fitting function, programming hearing aids is as easy as tuning a guitar

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Unlike other diseases, hearing problems do not cause physical pain, nor do they directly threaten our life and health, so they are always easily ignored and delayed. One of the reasons why the wearing rate of hearing aids among the elderly in my country is far lower than that in developed countries is that in our country The popularization of hearing knowledge is seriously insufficient, and there are many misunderstandings or minefields in people's understanding of hearing rehabilitation.

In daily life, when you suspect that your hearing has decreased, you cannot ignore the carelessness, because although hearing loss will not directly affect our physical health, once the hearing loss occurs, it is irreversible, and the auditory cells in the cochlea cannot be regenerated after damage. When you suspect that there is a hearing problem, you must go to the hospital for examination in time, follow the doctor's advice for related treatment, and perform a hearing test.

There are various reasons for hearing loss. After examination, if it is determined that the hearing state cannot be restored by drugs or other medical treatment methods, timely intervention with hearing aids is required in the later stage.

The whole fitting cycle of hearing aids is very long. You need to bring your hearing test level sheet to the hearing center to consult the audiologist again, and follow the audiologist's advice. The therapist will first make a consultation and check the external auditory canal for eczema, otorrhea or ear canal deformity, etc., and then do a pure tone audiometry, and use an audiometer to help you do various hearing tests. After the inspection is completed, the hearing aid specialist will pre-select 2-3 hearing aids for you to wear and audition based on factors such as your hearing loss, age, budget, and aesthetic requirements. Then there is the tedious process of taking ear samples, making ear molds (some people don't need it), picking up machines, auditioning, and programming. It takes at least half a month to fit a hearing aid from consultation to adaptation. If there is any discomfort during the period The place also needs to go to and from the store for multiple programming.

Recently, there have been more outbreaks of epidemics across the country, and the situation is more severe than last year. In the context of reducing the unnecessary flow of people, self-fitting without leaving home is a very convenient choice. The fitting time can be freely selected according to the situation, there is no need to make an appointment and no running, which saves a lot of time and energy.

Some friends worry that they do not know the knowledge of hearing aids and audiometry, and they are afraid that they will not be able to debug the hearing aids accurately. , Leya hearing aids not only support independent fitting, but also realize remote fitting! You can communicate with the professional audiologist in the store online. You can use the video call between the two parties to help you perform online fitting through the screen "hand in hand". Hearing-impaired friends who have concerns in this regard can rest assured.


Friends who play musical instruments should understand that at the beginning, when we adjusted the pitch of the guitar, we needed to take it to a video store, or buy a tuner and clip it to the guitar for programming. Now in the digital age, to adjust the pitch of the guitar, you only need to download a tuner on your mobile phone. Tuning APP, you can tune online. The same is for the self-fitting and self-testing functions of Acoustic hearing aids. Self-testing and self-fitting are more convenient and fast. Before the operation, Acosound audiologists will also popularize and educate hearing health knowledge and hearing aid tests. With knowledge, I believe that after you have mastered certain methods, programming hearing aids at home is as simple as programming a guitar intonation with an APP.